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Chinese Universities With NO Application Fees 2024

Nowadays Chinese universities charge application fee to process your documents for their Chinese scholarship offerings and if you are applying for admission on scholarship at 5 Chinese universities then you’ll end up paying application fee to all those 5 universities. But if you are reading this article then you’ll come across the names of those Chinese Universities where no application fee is required while applying for most of their Chinese scholarships such as ANSO scholarship, CSC scholarships, and provincial government scholarships in China.

Why Universities Charge Application Fees?

Scholarship admission applications along with required documents are submitted to Universities and organizations which some times become difficult for admission offices to process because of large volume. Therefore some universities charge admission application fees to process application documents for evaluating your profile for their scholarship offerings.

Verified List of Chinese Universities Without Application Fees in 2024

So therefore here is the verified list of all Chinese Universities which do not require application fee for scholarship admissions in 2024 for the class of 2024-2025:

Verified List of Chinese Universities With/Without Application Fees

## List of Chinese Universities Offering Scholarships
1 Zhejiang University Required 800 RMB application fee
2 Shaanxi Normal University Not Required for CSC scholarship Applicants
3 Sichuan University No fee required from full scholarship applicants
4 SCUT No application fee
5 Shandong University Required 400 RMB application fee
6 Yanshan University Not Required
7 Wuhan University of technology Not Required
8 Huazhong Agricultural University Not Required
9 Northwestern Polytechnical University Not Required from Scholarship Candidates
10 Southwest Jiaotong University Not Required
11 Nanjing Agricultural University Not Required
12 Chongqing University Not Required
13 Chongqing University of Posts and Telecommunications Not Required
14 Fujian University Not Required
15 Northeast Normal University Not Required from CSC applicants
16 University of Electronic Science and Technology of China Not Required
17 Donghua University  Not Required from CSC applicants
18 Wuhan University Not Required from CSC applicants
19 Southeast University Not Required
20 Harbin Engineering University Required 400 RMB application fee
21 Renmin University of China Required 800 RMB application fee
22 Northwest A & F University Not Required
23 Tianjin University Not Required
24 Nanjing University of Aeronautics and Astronautics Required 400 RMB application fee
25 Dalian University of Technology Not Required
26 Capital Normal University 450-800 RMB Required application fee
27 Nanjing University 500 RMB Required
28 Jiangsu University Not Required from CSC applicants
29 Southwest University 500 RMB Required application fee
30 Northwest A&F University Not Required
31 Huazhong University of Science & Technology 600 RMB Required application fee
32 Tongji University 600 RMB Required application fee

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